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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Contexts
Posted by: John Grinder and Carmen Bostic
Date/Time: 20/08/2002 06:55:00

Hi Tone

The bridge that you are missing in working your way through this material is state. State is, in fact, the focus of the New Code - see especially pages 228 -268 in Whispering for a presentation.

When you think of your father (or guys who remind you at least unconsciously of your father, you shift your own state with the attendant shifts in submodalities.

You are correct to ask,

"...what the heck does my father have to do with this shift?"

The answer is that he has nothing presently to do with this shift as the shift is a state change that occurs within you when you access your own experiences of your father.

All the best,

John and Carmen

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