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Topic: Re:andrea's new book and WITW
Posted by: Lewis Walker
Date/Time: 26/10/2003 19:00:02

Hi Carrie,

Steve Andreas' model of self-concept is a submodalities based description of an "entity" which WITW would say is an F2 phenomenon. Rather than being modelled as per WITW modelling criteria, it is an anlalytical model, using already explicated NLP tools in the modelling process. Furthermore, Steve uses direct submodality mapping processes to facilitate change....this is working with content as defined in WITW...and thus viewed as an unethical intervention by the therapist.

For my part, having read the book and trained with Steve in his 3 day seminar about the model and how to use it I would say it is one of the most useful things to come out of NLP. I have used many elements of it to help my patients make worthwhile (as defined by them) changes. Steve is always very attentive to ecology and uses feedback from "objecting parts" to enhance the outcome based on +ve intention as per the 6 step reframe model.

In many senses, working with submodalities is one level above the presented content....and usually out of conscious awareness. WITW would say that smd changes should come as a result of the intervention and not as a direct manipulation of them. Personally  I have found ecological change to occur in both circumstances.



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