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Topic: kerrie and modeling.
Posted by: Robert
Date/Time: 26/10/2003 22:15:55


Is there any ethics in modeling?

That depends on who you view that from.

Modeling is content free.
No content in what things mean, what they could be good or bad for, no judgement, just learn what someone else does in a relationship to the result wanted ie the criteria of what you want to be able to do which in essence is the why you model someone for his/her abilites in some context. Riding a horse, training horses or anything that interest you.

There is no ethics there if there is no content, just result wanted.

When that criteria is reached that is, you are able to produce the same result as the model does in the same timeframe then it is time to sort out what dosnt need to be there anymore to have the simpler, more elegant in fewer steps than the rolemodel.

You can use modeling to do bad things and you can use that to do good things.

You decide.

It is always your ethics anyway.

Be well.


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