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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Submodalities / Intention Shifts
Posted by: Robert
Date/Time: 26/10/2003 22:40:28

John wrote;
Yes, if you investigate and compare any before and after representations of an effective change, you will find "spontaneous": sub-modalitiy shifts. If you don't, I wouldn't trust the "change".

If I understand this NLP stuff correctly either there is a change or not.
The result achived works or not. Not to be putting trust into the equation seems fairly far stretched.

If not then the result didnt work and there is no need of even trust or not trust the change since it clearly didnt achive the result wanted.

To trust the change seems like the criteria to decide if things works or not are ambigious to an extent of not knowing what is done.

I can understand that someone would experience spontaneous submodalityshift as a criteria for a change but then that also require some skill to be aware of that.

Most wouldnt.

Then the trust add on to a change goes to much meta in relationship to the change in it self.


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