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Posted by: nj
Date/Time: 27/10/2003 05:57:39

Hi, Kerrie.

You wrote:

(1) "...informing the modelee as to how the information will be used or disseminated may give the modelee a sense of being appreciated for their expertise."

It's more than a source model's expertise that a modeler can appreciate.  A modeler can appreciate the source model's:

(1) expertise
(2) financial interests
(3) sense of privacy
(4) beliefs and cultural rules
(5) expectations of the modelee
(6) legal constraints
(7) the source model's culture
(8) the source model's trust
(9) the source model's feelings (or the feelings of those around the source model)

Appreciating the items (1) through (9) creates ethical constraints on the modeler.  I think modelers have to work under similar ethical constraints as anthropologists practicing anthropology.


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