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Topic: Re:Re:Unexpected type of Modelling
Posted by: David C
Date/Time: 21/08/2002 18:40:24

Thank you for responding and providing helpful references and precise feedback.
I must admit that I have read Whispering and had forgotten to consider 1st and 2nd order change.  I was just so excited about accidentally discovering another way to get people to connect with their experience of a behaviour.
Ironically I've been reading the Structure of Magic II and have just come across the stories you referenced.

In your post you stated
You had some doubt about my comment that,

" My friend even stated that she began to experience some tightness in her
chest and could now visualize her experience of smoking. After listening to her observations I realized her strength was visual and not kinesthetic."

Having reread my quote above I apologize for the over simplified distortion which I attempted to pass off as NLP knowledge.
In hindsight I was more interested in putting up a post on modelling than being precise in my research and explaination.
So in the interest of clarity I took the opportunity to confirm with my friend if I had represented her experience correctly.
I now understand that my friend, after observing the other person smoking, could now recall
past tightness in her chest when smoking.

Therefore I would now say that my friend received information through a visual input channel, by watching another smoker.  This then enabled her to identify some of her own smoking experience kinesthetically.

I'm curious.  Has my corrected description of events alleviated your doubt?
If not I'd appreciate if you could point out how I can improve my articulation to provide a clearer description?

I appreciate your strength in being so precise and exact in your responses.

Your accessibility is inspiring and motivating.
Thank you for this opportunity to share.
David C

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