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Topic: Re:Re:Forum and NLP
Posted by: Pete West
Date/Time: 30/10/2003 09:31:02

Hello g,

You write,
..."the webmaster should be applauded for getting rid of all those 'speed seduction' advertisments."

I agree that Mr.Carroll should be applauded for his efforts and contributions here, both in his role as moderator and as discussion participant of this forum.  By typing these words, I am letting it be known that I feel that not only 'should' he be applauded, but that I officially applaud him.  The sense of relief that I felt myself experiencing while noticing that the 'speed seduction' thread had vanished was quickly coupled in my experience with a state of apprehension, however.

Are you now aware that, if an individual were to:

(1) 'search forum' for 'speed seduction', 'Ross Jeffries', or any other key words relating to the 'speed seduction' thread and then,
(2) submit a reply anywhere within that thread.

One of the consequences of taking actions (1) and (2) would be,

(3) The return of topic thread, 'Ross Jeffries Speed seduction' to the top of page one of the discussion forum, since it would then be the most recently viewed thread?

...just pointing out an inherent limitation of the software.

-Pete West

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