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Topic: Re:Re:The science itself
Posted by: Martin Messier
Date/Time: 25/08/2002 19:00:51

Carmen and John,

"And, of course, you have the right to modify the naming of this activity for yourself in any way that promotes excellence in your own performance - with the caveat that you will have to specify what you are referring to if you desire that others appreciate what you are up to."

*laughing* This is by far the best comment I've received with regard to something I've said in the last 5 years. I'll definitely use this one for other people's benefit and mine in the future.

Thank you for shedding light on the original nature of neurolinguistics. I had no knowledge of the existence of such a field. As you mention yourself:

"Further, NLP has from its inception concerned itself with a much broader range of phenomena than just language, as complex as that it."

Which is why I find the designation "NLP" grossly reductionistic for what you're doing. When reading Dr. Grinder's exploration of consciousness in Turtles and your replies on this forum, I found myself in a similar state as when I read the writings of Ken Wilber.

Let's change the name, damn it!!! *laughing*

My insistance simply comes from noticing that the avenue both of you have taken seems to lead to a different place than the avenues pursued by other developers of the so-called field of NLP. At the end of the day, the name should still be NLP. Unfortunately, the description most people have of NLP fail to correspond to yours, and changing them will demand Herculean effort.

I really hope that others can benefit from your work as much as I currently am, and fear that these labels will stand in the way... Oh well, it may be for the best in the end.

Geez, I'm becoming obsessive/compulsive about this... "Calm down, have some dip!" -- George Carlin

Rock on!


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