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Topic: Proposed Solutions to Puzzles and Recommendations: boundary conditions for relevancy for this topic
Posted by: Pete West
Date/Time: 06/11/2003 11:34:18

Hello all,

Michael Carroll as volunteer web master has written the following,

"In terms of content of the posts; John and Carmen wanted to see active discussion around 6 key topics. (posted below) John and Carmen particularly wanted to see news of peoplesí work,† they had a high interest† in† contributors reporting info about new models...

Here are the suggestions for topics

1. Modeling
2. Applications
3. New Code
4. Proposed Solutions to Puzzles and Recommendations
5. Origins and Definitions
6. Epistemology"

I am interested in any description that the thoughtful reader should choose to offer in assisting me to determine a set of examples which might satisfy (fuzzy/non-fuzzy) boundary conditions for determining relevancy of posts to this topic heading.† Specifically, to the topic heading, 'Proposed Solutions to Puzzles...'.† What could this possibly mean?† It seems to me that any solution to any question is a solution to a puzzle and therefore relevant? I'm probably taking all of this far too literally.† It's late here.† Nonetheless, ORDER is indeed useful in SOME contexts.

-Pete West

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