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Topic: Re:Ethics in NLP
Posted by: Michael Carroll
Date/Time: 13/11/2003 02:17:01


I would suggest a more accurate title for your post would be "ethics between Matthew, his employer and the hired consultant," especially as you have not determined whether or not this lady is actually doing NLP.

You wrote  “can information given to her during a coaching/behaviour training session be given to our employers?”

The question is not CAN but WILL specific information about Matthew be communicated between the consultant and employer. Only your employer and consultant can answer that, so you are asking in the wrong place.

You wrote " the possible questions she has provided are without doubt coaching questions. But still has not stated she is using NLP. Is this ethical?

Many people use coaching questions with great effect and have never attended an NLP course. My ex boss was brilliant at it.

I just had a new bathroom fitted. The plumber did a great job. I now have my own steam cabinet where I can sit and listen to music while I ponder my day and 'get creative.' I never once asked my plumber where and how he acquired his knowledge. I do know his work is better than any other plumber I met so far. I also trust his work and had good feeling when I first met him. There was another plumber who quoted for the work. I did not have this good feeling, he did not get the work.

Is she any good at what she does?


Michael Carroll

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