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Topic: Re:alphabet game comments and questions
Posted by: Todd
Date/Time: 13/11/2003 14:54:17


No. I did not use a coach and I rarely do so now as I incorporate the alphabet game frequently as part of my personal editing process. (have done so for about 8 years) Don't get me wrong, I still welcome coaching when the opportunity arises as long as my coach has excellent sensory acuity.

I am completely confident in my ability to play the game effectively based on: having got a LOT of coaching when I first learned it, having played for years now, some of my experiences with drumming, and have a natural preference for quality over speed while pursuing challenge (a great combo for the alphabet game, in my opinion).

I note your comment, "I just want a double-check on the quality of the state you entered while playing the alphabet game" Is that a presupposition is am sniffing out?
Be careful! How could you possibly make this determination in any way other than having been here and observed me? Feel free to make a judgment about quality, but don't pretend that this question will provide you any evidence toward that end. I am pointing out that there is absolutely NO OTHER WAY for you to make this determination. Period. (Hey, how do we even know that an external coach would have greater sensory acuity than my internal one?) Does this make sense to you?

And while we are on the subject... I am not of the opinion that a coach is required for the game as the authors purport SO LONG AS (caps for emphasis) one has the physiological experience that comes from effective coaching and the resultant state FIRST.

As my drum teacher used to say, "It is far easier to get in a good habit first, then to try to break a bad one later." I agree!

I have hesitated to put this position on the forum out of respect for the authors and the intention of maintaining quality that they suggest. I have found a mentality of "faster is better" to be very common when folks first learn the game and it is not of any particular use. So I completely agree with the authors regarding coaching UNTIL one has the requisite experience to coach themselves.

I reiterate what the authors state (paraphrase) "any tension introduced in the game will also be introduced to the context for change in step (1) which is antithetical to the purpose of the game"

There is just no point in taking chances with something so exquisite. I don't. My philopophy is until you know that you know you can execute the game effectively solo, you don't. So don't.

I know this is a bit of a rant, but it has been on my mind and so there it is!

Thanks for the opportunity to respond.

"In any case i hope you come up with more contexts in which to use the alphabet game. and to give more feedback to those, like me, who are always interested."

Me too!



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