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Topic: Application of current patterns
Posted by: Tone
Date/Time: 01/09/2002 18:14:12

John and Carmen,

I want to thank you for the wonderful presentation of your book. I am enjoying it very much. I am on Part III and can not put it down. I see already I am going to be re-reading it because I have not completely understood everything so far but..I guess I could act as if...

One of the things I do wonder is what is the best way to apply the current patterns available in my own model of the world. I hope this makes sense.

For lack of better words, I find my subconsious to be very resistant to applying current patterns I am aware of. I just finished the 6 step reframe part of the book and read your comments and how this pattern is useful. You mention that there are alot of ways to communicate to the unconscious other than in the 6 set reframe. Could you expand on that. Perhaps offer an alternative just for my curiosity?



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