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Topic: Re:Re:Re:reframing and politics?
Posted by: Zoe
Date/Time: 25/11/2003 07:30:31

Hi John,
  My vote would be in the direction of your "leaderless leadership."  Years ago I cross trained employees in a restaurant.Thus, if the dishwasher, cook, or some other employee  didn't show up, the other employees knew how to fill in and get the work done. In finding practical applications for NLP in social and political action, the focus will be on co-operatively solving the problem, not on leadership or anyone being locked into any role. In my community we are forming a working group made up of law enforcement personnel and citizens to deal with problems here involving racism. If all the participants were trained in using techniques like reframing and committed to solving the problem, it would get resolved. There would not be time or purpose in blaming or putting one group or another on the defensive, the emphasis would be on finding solutions.

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