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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:reframing and politics?
Posted by: Pete West
Date/Time: 26/11/2003 09:33:36


In my previous post I wrote,

"...Your post triggered an association within me between this evocative concept, 'leaderless leadership' and the pandemonium model of mind."

I would like to briefly attempt to more fully describe how specifically I am associating your concept, "leaderless leadership" with my intuitions concerning the pandemonium model of mind. 

If each of us is viewed as being a member of a global society of body-minds, and the leadership of that global society is a leaderless one, than one mechanism which might BEGIN to explain how specifically such a society might function is the mechanism proposed by Selfridge in his pandemonium theory of perception...that each demon (primitive construct) responds AT ONCE when properly stimulated.


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