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Posted by: Martin Messier
Date/Time: 02/12/2003 14:18:56

Dr. Grinder,

Thank you for your reply. This definitely helps. Would you also say that in addition to vocabulary the code would also involve representations of relationships among elements?

This issue is very hairy. Coding language patterns is a different animal than coding strategies, which is altogether different from coding sensorymotor skills.

I've been thinking that NLP's coding power stems directly from its different epistemology and that epistemology directly determines coding, as in the case of the strategies model based on TOTEs. The idea of the TOTE becomes epistemological when applied to our thinking patterns. IMO, it leverages NLP's VAKOG epistemology and ties the elements together in a useful way. In the end, I think that coding power is in direct relationship with epistemology. As you enrich epistemology, you expand coding possibilities. I think that's what you did with the New Code and I believe we could come up with an even newer one. Imagine if we could incorporate the equivalent concept of the quantum leap in NLP epistemology and find a way to code its purposeful execution? I want to turn water into wine, my friends!

Would you say that state is a critical variable to code when expliciting the model? I'm currently working on expliciting the components of state in a way that makes it easy to code and to understand and that's definitely a beast of its own to tame.

It would be interesting to see the initial models of NLP presented in the format you propose in Whispering and even more interestingly using the New Code. I wonder how different they would be. One way or another, it seems that the Practitioner will definitely need command of a jargon to understand this code, and then adapt it through skillful teching to be presented to a naive user. The two Erickson books are certainly not for the layman!!!

Thanks for your insights.


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