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Topic: Re:Coding skills
Posted by: Markus
Date/Time: 10/12/2003 01:20:15

Martin,you wrote:

"Another one is Tony Robbins's firewalk code. Is that code explicited anywhere on paper?  Once again, it would be interesting to see how the model is made explicit."

Tolly Burkan taught 'firewalking 'to Tony Robbins and others in 1983.He might be the person to ask....and,of course,Hawaiin Kahuna walked across lava-flows,the Vikings over red-hot steel chains,as well as Chriatian saints,Fuji islanders...
I was able to talk to a shaman in Bali once who 'rode' a totemic hobby-horse through blazing coconut shells for about 20 minutes.
He went into a deep trance state,being relaxed opens the blood vessels that carry heat away from the feet,and told me that he just imagined he was walking in a blue stream.
His feet were completely black and charred however,so bare that in mind before you go out and try it now,won't you.

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