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Topic: Theory of logical types
Posted by: Roberto
Date/Time: 23/12/2003 11:02:47


Presently, there is an interesting discussion about the Neuro-logical levels of R. Dilts.

One question that might be asked previously is : Does that kind of model rely on an accurate theory ?

S. Andreas in Anchor Point (March 2003) cited the preface by Bertrand Russel of the book "laws of form" (G.  Spencer Brown 1967). In this preface B. Russel, himself, claimed that its work (about logical types) with Whitehead was the most arbitrary thing thta he has ever done. Andreas concluded "no more about the theory of logical types".

We know that A. Einstein has built the theory of relativity which proved that classical laws do not apply within the univers.

But we also know, that on earth, for most calculations (except particles) classical Newtonian theory is accurate enough and lead to much simple (and useful) models, so that we still apply it with great precision and usefullness.

What about logical types ? Can this paradigm still of interest for every day life contexts even if it is not 100% mathematically right ?

Then the next questions are :

-  Does the Neuro-logical levels model fit within this theory ?

- Does it fit within NLP principles (structure rather than content) ?

And I do think that the book of J. Grinder and C. Bostic answers to these 2 questions : NO

And then,

- Does this model useful ?

Let keep that question for later


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