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Posted by: Lewis Walker
Date/Time: 27/12/2003 19:59:25


You're beginning to sound like you modelled the Spanish Inquisition...and I thought in WITW you were asking for more dialogue in the field...

I think the answers I've given thus far are clear enough....the biggest stumbling block to change seems to me to be inadequate rapport (with the person/part)...Steve Gilligan puts it more elegantly when he speaks about technique driven "talking heads hypnosis versus hypnosis from the heart"...but then I'm quoting again...Yet at the same time I try all these things on...whether it be from Dilts, Bandler, Hall, yourself etc and see what the results are from personal experience. Then I discard what doesn't fit or isn't useful to me. Occasionally I might get a glimmer of something new myself....yet most things are a re-hash in one form or another.

You wrote: "This exchange started in another thread where you proposed that the brain gym works like the new code games. Since you (as far as I can determine) have no experience in new code games, I was curious about how you arrived at this comment."

Well....I'm a quick learner John....and I don't necessarily need to go to a seminar to learn how to induce/calibrate to/utilise a high performance state. It's pretty clear how to from WITW...and... experimenting with family, colleagues, friends, patients, and alphabet charts, trampolining, juggling etc, ...that I can elicit such a state and utilise it as per new code protocols. I've also experienced Brain Gym exercises....and from a practical point of view the building blocks are very similar altho' BG doesn't put them all together in quite the same high intensity focus as HPS...a distinction about quality of state rather than different state.

You also wrote: "Your claim,

"...their usage is one of the ways in which any NLP practitioner can accelerate results for clients...My point is that these criteria are as...if not more important...than the specific technique." what I am challenging - do you have a response?"

Only from personal experience....and that is when I have poor rapport with a patient, haven't mastered the technique, have little expectation of them changing....then the response is less good than with the converse. Of course you would likely point out that these "opposites" are both merely sets of beliefs and feedforward criteria which limit performance and outcome...maybe I should simply suspend belief/disbelief, blow on them and see what happens.

As I see it, beliefs are a fundamental part of human processing and as valid to work with as FA experience....(FA being no more a "true" representation of experience than F2 interpretations - both beasts are products of neurological processes)


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