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Topic: communication with unconscious
Posted by: Elevandrae
Date/Time: 28/12/2003 08:39:47

Hi guys

quoting John Grinder

"Let's move this thread to something more interesting. Hypnotists, physiologists, stage magicians, well-trained NLP practitioners and producers of toys all (what a motley crew) understand (some explicitly; some inplicitly) that it is possible to take advantage of the physiology of the human to create contexts in which small, normally undetectable movements of the body are amplified to provide:

communication with the unconscious

amusement at party games

entertainment for a group


Ask a friend to stand with his or her feet together in front of you. Propose that you are going to test their "hypnotizability (one of the most hilarious nominalizations available)". Tell them that the amount of sway exhibited by a subject is one of the best indicators of hypnotizability. Ask them to note the degress of sway at present and to freely assess what occurs as they close their eyes.

Now, approximately 40%W (wide variations by individuals) of our ability to stabilize ourselves for balance purposes occurs by using the horizon visually for orientation. The remaining 60% (approximately figures) of balance is handled by proprioception. By asking the subject to close their eyes, their degree of sway (a measure of balance) will significantly increase, thereby "proofing" that they are superbly hypnotizable. Chasing this exercise will a simple induction (Transformations or any Ericksonian inductive will do) will make it so.

The question then is what other physiological configuration can we develop that amplifies these small, ever-present but rarely noted movements for use as a communications signal and this key question - are they verifiably involuntary?

All the best,

John   "

So can everyone list known physiological configurations that amplifies these small, involuntary, ever-present but rarely noted movements for use as a communications signal ??

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