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Topic: Re:Content models and F2
Posted by: John Grinder
Date/Time: 30/12/2003 17:06:07


Come on - you've already read in Whispering what Carmen and I propose on content models - they are
fundamentally unethical.

Training wheels always seemed to me to be something for the parents not the child learning to ride.

BTW, you wrote,

"I find that I've achieved a level of comfort..."

and I respond - your level of comfort (and that of your client as well) is irrelevant.

My insistence on pointing out the possibility of living at FA is a my response to the learned nonsense that passes for intellectual exchange in many places (including this website), I am not promoting this way of living (FA, although I have a variant for my peresonal style) except as a corrective influence on the present lack of quality of living described. The point, as always when it comes to NLP Applications is choice.

All the best,


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