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Posted by: Lewis Walker
Date/Time: 30/12/2003 20:39:32


You wrote "From my own experience, trust is an irrelevant issue ....etc"

Trust, as I see it in the therapeutic situation, is the acknowledgment by client and practitioner that the practitioner will do his/her best to assist the client in making the requisite ecological change....It is the product of a relationship whereby a client can allow him/herslf to be fully present and open to the process changes catalysed by the practitioner...

Of course, trust is also a state that is actually quite easy to elicit, anchor and use for abuse rather than ethically...

And of course, positive change/resolution of symptoms can also occur simply by the random introduction of noise into a system...irregardless of prior intention...without rapport or "trust".

Being trusted to get the job done (therapeutically) is, in my view, a vital ingredient to a successful encounter...

You wrote:
""...effective engagement of here-to-fore autonomously functioning aspects of "self"."

I have no idea what you might be referring to here but it certainly sounds intriguiring - care to offer something concrete?"

Probably just put too clumsily to be intriguing...It seems to me that human functioning (the "self", for want of any better word) is, for most of us, a mish-mash of poorly co-ordinated mostly out-of-awareness processes. Symptoms partly contain the uncontrolled behavioural repetition of autonomous processes....effective "treatment" requires specific engagement with these aspects....via any number of different methodologies/techniques...moving towards a greater degree of functional integration (consciously acknowleged or not)...


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