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Topic: Using Tecniques on ourselfs
Posted by: Lucio Martelli
Date/Time: 02/01/2004 02:33:18

Hi everybody.
I'm a 20 years old student in economics from italy, so please excuse in advance the occasional horrendous mistake either in grammar on sintax ( won't be well formed :-).
I took a pratictioner-like course from a guy who told me he studied with erickson in the seventies. I pretty much think he hasn't fooled me but having no "real" prooves I cannot demonstrated what he says: that he lived a few months in erickson home learning all the ins and outs of his tecnology.
I have some problems about applying tecniques on myself. For example I read all the books by grinder & bandler (frogs, etc...); let's take the reframing tecnique as an example. I trust the claim by the book on what can be obtained using it and I got some pleasant results on some people I tried it on. But still I am not able to use it on myself and getting any result from it.
Actually, there is no claim of this tecnique being auto-usable, so I'm not saying it doesnt work or stuff. I'd just like to know how I could do to have refreaming-like result on me by doing something BY MYSELF, and here is the important point.
One of the hardest time I had when talking about nlp was when people told me I was claiming many beautiful things from NLP while whining in my real life about many things I'd like to have, etc...
Problem is they were absolutely right! I think this to be the worst problem of NLP: to have tecniques which are really powerful without being able to use them on ourselves (at most).
One example over all: I play pool, and I'm medium skill in it (being sometimes in tournaments and always winning against beginners), and while it is REALLY hard to have results on my play skill with nlp (even if sometimes I know what I should do if I was somebody applying tecniques on me) I can have someone make wonderful shots in a few hours training. It is as if I knew what should be done, but I am not able to always do it.
Anyway, if anybody knows how to help me, I thank you in advice.

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