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Posted by: Darrell Brown
Date/Time: 19/01/2004 14:50:57

Hi Pete,

Once again thanks so much for your help - (where do I send the cheque?)

In response to your request regarding the use of the "Alphabet game".

I recently had a client come to me with various issues. One of these issues that was certainly not a major concern in his life , however it  was the most immediate, was an important speech that he had to give. I calibrated straight away from his shortnest in breath, slight sweating and change in voice tonality (very throaty) that this was for him an unpleasent thought.

I decided to use the Alphabet game to see if I could help him with this challenge.

From third position I asked him to select a context in which he wanted to experience a behavior that he wanted to change. - (His fear of giving this speech).

I asked him to imagine himself in the context of giving this speech, what does he see, hear, feel? I callibrated his response and once again saw the shortness of breath, sweating and also a slight hunch in his physiology. His skin tone went slightly pale.

I then stepped him into the separator state and then straight into the "Alphabet game" for aprox 10 minutes or so, until I could calibrate that he appeared now to be in a high performance state. His breath was deeper, skin color had returned to normal, he was standing with a stronger upright physiology and had a big smile on his face.

I immediately stepped him back into the context of himself giving his speech and allowed him to calibrated any changes. No explanation was given.

He was to travel to the east coast to give his speech and as yet has not returned. I am looking forward to finding out how it went.

I have tried to recall as much information about this event as possible, I hope to some extent it answers your question, no doubt there will be more (smile).

I very much enjoy reading your comments Pete,

kind regards


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