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Topic: Forum FAQ nj & Michael Carroll
Posted by: Sheamus
Date/Time: 24/01/2004 17:13:07

Greetings to all from Canada.

Over the past week I reviewed all 31 pages of posts & replies to this WITW Forum.

First, with respect to this WITW Forum and the webmaster, Michael Carroll... Diligent, dedicated, excellent work, material contribution... Good show!

Second, there have been a number & variety of posts and replies over time with respect to establishing FAQs for this WITW Forum. Thus, for some people accessing this forum, is is reasonable to consider as a possibility that a WITW Forum FAQ section could, in some way, be useful to such people.

Third, my review of the 31 pages of posts & replies in this WITW Forum revealed that one contributor to this forum, handle 'nj' made a significant effort some time ago to develop an initial list of potential FAQs and prepared thoughtful answers thereto. In addition, 'nj' offered a number of useful suggestions regarding the setup of the WITW Forum FAQ. nj, I'm impressed by your willingness to contribute... Kudos!

Fourth, I further noted that the excellent webmaster, Michael Carroll, responded to 'nj' thoughtfully and with appreciation for his hard work.

Fifth, no WITW Forum FAQ section as of yet.

Sixth, amongst the numerous possibilities that exist, a thought occurred to me, "I wonder whether this WITW Forum FAQ problem has not yet been satisfactorily addressed simply because there is no technically capable and competent person with sufficient time available to do this work on a 'gratis' (no charge) basis."

Seven... Good people collaborating within community, getting good things done well and on an appropriate timely basis is good.

Thus, which of you many lovely people has the technical capability and competence, and is willing at no cost to help Michael Carroll get this WITM Forum FAQ section up and running?

With kind regards to all participants and contributors to this WITW Forum I remain,

Cordially yours


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