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Topic: Epistemology
Posted by: Sheamus
Date/Time: 25/01/2004 16:19:48

Relative to my achieving a more complete and balanced understanding with respect to the appropriate interrelationships between NLP, WITW, Epistemology and Philosophy:

First reference citing (in part) Funk & Wagnalls Canadian Dictionary (1989) "Epistemology n. pl. -gies The branch of philosophy that investigates critically the nature, grounds, limits, criteria, or validity of human knowledge; also, a particular theory of cognition."

Second reference citing (in part) Concise Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2000) "Epistemology is one of the core areas of philosophy. It is concerned with the nature, sources and limits of knowledge (See Knowledge, Concept of). There is a vast array of views about these topics, but one virtually universal presupposition is that knowledge is true belief, but not mere true belief (See Belief and Knowledge). For example lucky guesses or true beliefs resulting from wishful thinking are not knowledge. Thus, a central question in epistemology is: what must be added to true beliefs to convert them into knowledge?"

Issues & Questions:

It appears to me that the appropriate interrelationships between epistemology, NLP, WITW and knowledge are effectively established. More specifically, the references to 'NLP' and 'WITW', to me, do include the facts that 'NLP' and 'WITW' each represents a body of knowledge, distinctions about that body of knowledge and on-going investigation critically with respect to the nature, grounds, limits, criteria, or validity of this knowledge .

My understanding at this time is incomplete and unsatisfactory with respect to the appropriate interrelationships between 'NLP' and 'WITW' and 'Philosophy'.

Lastly, my understanding is weak in the extreme on this... Somehow and in some way I sense that in addition to the issues of NLP, WITW and epistemology, something else, and I sense a very good something, is also going on with respect to NLP, WITW, this WITW Forum and epistemology.

Therefore, relative to my observations, issues and questions as stated above, I ask readers, occasional participants and active contributors of this forum to set forth their thoughts within this forum as such may contribute to my better understanding.

With kind regards I remain,

Cordially yours


P.S. to Webmaster, Michael Carroll. Your "Forum" post (rephrased a tad)... excellent website activity including unique new visitors to the WITW website. Why don't they contribute. Thus, this post represents my action relative to your suggestion. Thank you for the gentle yet very effective encouragement.

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