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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Depression
Posted by: macca
Date/Time: 27/01/2004 18:15:51

cid burns, "How does depression have atrigger?" you ask.
I haven't yet read WITW, but lets get down to basics, depression is a human activity therefore it has a structure = T.O.T.Es, strategies etc, these will require a trigger, enough said.
You wrote "who does not get depressed?" to be honest with you, I don't. I might get down or under the weather, but I don't use that word.
Depression is an activity, a doing, it is not a noun. If you know someone with a noun in their head get them to a doctor quickly.
Asking "why?" validates cause and effect and as you may know....
asking when and where you get depressed will tell you the trigger for the activating the response called depression. Possibly and external event causing an internal response.
And by the way, |I don't really care what sort of depression it is, normal??? clinical???
Depression is a human emotional activity and as such as a subjective structure, there will be something there that activates it, how else will someone know when to become depressed.

This is all my opinion, maybe I am right, maybe not.
be well

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