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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Autohypnosis vs./and Meditation
Posted by: Juan Arce
Date/Time: 28/01/2004 17:01:35

Hi Thomas,

I find your question very interesting. I'll try to  clarify a litle bit and then I'll make some coments based on personal experience.

First, Meditation is not one technique, the name covers several techniques some of them opposite in the effects they produce. Often techniques are  combined (i.e. shamatha-vipashyana)and there are variatons in the way you practice which yield different results (some of them emphasize quieting
and relaxation, some of them awareness and insigth, some the intensity of "external" experiences, some of them clarity in reflexion).

There are variations more close than others to what I understand by uptime in the tradition of NLP which implies - if i correctly remember - a total externalization of attention. So it depends on what you practice.

I have to go now but i will continue tomorrow with this 2nd part of this post :).


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