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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Depression
Posted by: Lewis Walker
Date/Time: 02/02/2004 17:55:28

Oh come now NJ,

You wrote "OK, I'm not sure that the psychiatric community has a worthwhile purpose.  I don't know of any.  I don't think there will be any.  If there is one, I don't want to be interpreted as supporting it.  I am repulsed by typical psychiatric practice in the US.."

Where's your sense of positive intention...NLP has no track record other than anecdote in dealing with severe and enduring mental illness. I'm sure if NLP interventions really were all that successful then it would have been incorporated by now into mainstream practice....

Actually, as far as "depression" goes, you would do no better than look at Mike Yapko's work....a good combination of hypnosis, CBT, strategic therapy and elements of NLP (he did study with the co-founders in the early days)...



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