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Topic: ReReRe:Re:. Use of second Perceptual position-Photo Reading
Posted by: KC
Date/Time: 12/09/2002 01:38:17

To Michael Carroll

Yes I am familiar with Photo Reading. I probally still unconsciously use my Photo Reading lessons back from the early 1990'S  but Michael my reading vision lately quite honestly probally has gone more in a foveal looking position looking at all the numbers and text I look at daily rather than peripheral. Hey there might be a new startegy there to look at here! Oh well thats the price of relating and dealing with accountants and bankers on a daily basis!Alot of numerical NOISE............


Let me see if I got it-The Photo reading strategy using second position--read below please!

Lets say I do decide to read a new book aggresively say Whispering in the Wind by Bostic and Grinder.

I would start by
1. Identifying  my purpose to begin reading
John and Carmens work and start previewing Whispering quickly and very aggresively.
2. Drop down into an Alpha suspend all my left brain thinking and just get into a comfortable unconscious kool state of mind and go for it.....
3. Run thru Whispering swiftly again a second time but now allowing my more relaxed unconscious mind to find its own way thru the book.....and allow stuff to just Pop Up.....
4.  The tricky one.
From Position one I form quickly a series of questions for the authors that I would like answered if the author was me. You got me here Michael........!
Would that be questions like How was this book written? What specifically are they talking about? What are there sources for their illustrations and descriptions?Why should I write Whispering? Who is my audiencxplanation? Who will read Whispering? What type of feedback do I expect to receive from my readers?
How do I organize my thoughts to write Whispering? Where am I going with my attention and thoughts in Whispering? What did I learn from WITW? What do I do next
after reading Whispering?????????????
5. Get a clean PP2 or DTI AND ANSWER THE QUESTIONS FROM THE AUTHORS PERSPECTIVE directing the curious PPone TO PORTIONS OF THE BOOK WHRE THE ANSWERS WILL BE paying attention to all reps and hunches.........
6. Go back thru the book using a new developed advanced reading strategies for conscious COMPREHENSION

Michael am I correct in my following your previous thread in my 7 steps adjustments above?

Now questions for Michael from kc.

If Michael was Photo Reading Whispering how would he do it?

What questions would Michael ask John or Carmen?

Would Michael write a similar book like Whispering? How specifically would Michaels book be different

When we talk about paying attention to representation and hunches (#5)--------Who's representations and hunches mine or the authors?

What are examples of advanced reading strategies?

When I build my big Mind Map is that visually and auditorily or just visually?

Great exercise Michael thanks for bringing me back to second again. Deeply apreciated.....!

Hope to hear more from you soon!


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