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Topic: Emergence
Posted by: Robert
Date/Time: 10/02/2004 19:36:07

It seems emergence appear when there is a relationship between x and y. Where x and y can be anything.

Then the observer can calculate what the relationship is made between those two objects x and y.

The emergence then appears from the observation and also from the naming of objects.

If Adam (X) and Eve meet (Y), then Gods son Jesus was the result.

Or any other response would be similar.
Then the observer make the emergence what it is and also decide depending on context what the effect will be.

The relation between objects either it be thought or physical more tangible ones follow the same path in relation.

Bateson stated that a dog can reproduce all kind of different responses when kicked.
Then the X of kick and the Y of dog would produce a relationship which then can be set to produce z pattern of relationship kick=person and the response which is in the second loop are unpredictable depending on who is kicking and whos dog it is.

If the ruleset is defined, like John Grinder and Richard Bandler states what IS NLP then the relationship of those rules and bounderies of those two men will either produce a relationship with those rules or not.

If then they also form a relationship with those 2 men is another relation which be included in the loop if desired.

The loop can then be
a, a NLP model of defined generalized pattern trough any context.
b, a content NLP model not generalized to any context.
c, The NLP model then can not be applied to the same phenomena it connects to ie: the relationship of the same logical level.
d, If c is correct then the connection is made up from emergence of relationship between a difference which occour trough a differention trough language.
e, If D is correct then the NLP models is a blend between content and process and the emergence derived from sensory data and belifs.
f, ad continium..


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