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Topic: Play and theory of the Duende
Posted by: jonathan
Date/Time: 10/02/2004 23:56:18

Duende is one of those most impossible to translate cultural distinctions. I will quote some from Garcia Lorca's book In Search Of Duende here. I believe that it is reasonable to say that without *duende*, this strange hidden spirit, NLP practice is weak, unsatisfying:

"The great artists in the south of Spain, whether Gitano or flamenco, whether they sing, dance, or play, know that no emotion is possible unless duende comes. They may be able to fool people into thinking they have duende-authors and painters and literary fashionmongers do so everyday-but we have only to pay a little attention and not surrender to indifference in order to discover fraud and chase away their clumsy artifice.
  The Andalusian singer Pastora Pavon, La Nina de los Peines, dark Hispanic genius whose powers of fantasy equal to those of Goya or Rafeal el Gallo, was once singing in a little tavern in Cadiz. For a while she played with her voice of shadow, of beaten tin, her moss covered voice, braiding it into her hair or soaking it in wine or letting it wander away to the farthest, darkest bramble patches. No use. Nothing. The audience was silent...
  When Pastora Pavon finished singing there was total silence, until a tiny man, one of those dancing mannekins that rise suddenly out of brandy bottles, sarcastically murmured, 'Long Live Paris!'. As if to say, 'Here we care nothing about ability, technique, skill. Here we are after something else.'
  As though crazy, torn like a medieval mourner, La Nina de los Peines leaped to her feet, tossed off a big glass of burning liquor, and began to sing with a scorched throat: withoutout voice, without breath or color, but with duende. She was able to kill all the scaffolding of the song and leave way for a furious, enslaving duende, friend of sand winds, who made the listeners rip their clothes with the same rythh as do the blacks of the Antilles when, in the lucumi rite, they huddle in heaps before the statue of Santa Barbara."

Duende mis amigos, look there, don't get too lost in your logical notations or your philosophical struggles. No duende, your NLP isn't worth a damn.

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