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Topic: Process versus content
Posted by: Darrell Brown
Date/Time: 15/02/2004 05:16:20

I was hoping someone could bring some clarity to the distinction about process versus content.

I sometimes find myself with a new client who languages to me what a relief it is to find someone to listen to their "problem".

They then go about down loading their "story" and how they have arrived at the current circumstances of their life.

My question is -

At what stage do we say, "thank you, thats all I need to hear" and then begin with some sort of intervention ie: some meta model questions.


Do we allow them to finish their story, calibrating that this is therapy for them in itself.

At what stage do I say - stop! This is entering into content, and I am only interested in process. Are we to entertain any content at all? 

Any feed back would be grateful.

many thanks


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