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Topic: deep tissue bodywork effects on VAKOG structures
Posted by: jonathan
Date/Time: 16/02/2004 14:49:18

"a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small

Running in parallel to a gross excess of consciousness exploration throughout the 1980s
(every NLP and NLP like thing, EST and EST like things, a dab of Scientology just to make sure) I also heavily got into direct body consciousness activities. This was predominantly Rolfing by one of the strongest, baddest Rolfers in the field, closely intertwined by Alexander Technique, some Feldenkreis, Trager work, and whatever else happened by.
  NLP at the time was speaking to the critical importance of psysiology, posture, and so on as a determinant of states and access to states. Ida Rolf's position was that bodies tended to get locked into "physical memory" by the shape of the fascia (a dense, fibrous connective tissue that works like a stocking around and between the muscles). The Rolf philosophy claimed that postural chance or exercise alone could not bring about lasting (what we might call unconsciously maintained) change as the fascia would inevitably draw the physical structure back to its "attractor basin".
  Taking Dr. Rolf at her word, my Rolfer and I might have broken a few records for intensity, frequency, and unorthodoxy of application. One time we did 11 sessions in 11 days (sequential, no rest days in between) and another time 6 oro-facial sessions in 6 days without a break.
   Painful ? Shhheeeyeah.... about like stone age tribal initiation.... productive, though.
   I began to experience massive VAKOG shifts, freakish stuff, wild increases in sensory acutity, diaphagmatic coordination, orgasmic potential... all of which NLP was alluding to in the abstract, but Rolfing etc... was concretely transforming.
   The NLP component allowed me to have greater appreciation for what was occuring. Without the hyper-bodywork I believe that the pure NLP statework effects would have been relatively trivial though. (saying this through the opportunity of being in the position to experience the contrast first person)

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