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Topic: Introducing myself
Posted by: James Tsakalos
Date/Time: 21/02/2004 00:02:20

Hi there folks ...

My name is James Tsakalos and I'm likely to be posting here from time to time, so I thought it would be a nice idea to introduce myself first.

I've been involved with NLP for several years now, and have recently been "signed off" as a trainer of NLP, after three years of apprenticeship with a prominent trainer in Australia.

I'm also a big fan of Terry Pratchett and Joss Whedon.  Those of you who are familiar with these people probably won't be surprised to discover that I think that many people (and NLPers are definitely included here) take things - themselves in particular - waaaayyy too seriously.  It may be that this attitude is subtly reflected in my posts from time to time.  So, in advance, if at any stage you happen to take offense at any implication on my part that someone ought to "lighten up", then ....  uhhh ... lighten up.

I hope that I can contribute something of value here, and I look forward to exchanging ideas.



(and by the way, a big thank you to everyone who contributed to the thread regarding Wittgenstein - reading that thread helped to satisfy certain curiosities I've had sitting in the back of my mind for some years now.  Thanks again.)

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