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Topic: Noam Chomsky and Samuel Delany
Posted by: Eric
Date/Time: 02/03/2004 06:18:35

Greetings everyone,...

In a recent interview Samuel Delany comments: "I'm trying to make a pattern, to erect a verbal experience that has many elements of repetition and pattern resonant from one part to another that I want my reader to go through, and then associate those patterns with any similar patterns in his or her life. And if, by making those associations, he or she can draw something useful out of it, fine."

In a recent interview Noam Chomsky says: "If something can be said simply say it simply, so that the carpenter next door can understand you."

Each quote presents a requirement for communicating with one hemisphere. Perhaps this illustrates a point made here often and is enjoyable to some.

Be Well.


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