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Topic: Framing the discussion
Posted by: Web Master
Date/Time: 15/09/2002 02:07:04

Dear all

This web site has been enormously successful in attracting large amounts of traffic and now has one of the busiest NLP forums on the net. We are attracting more and more traffic everyday. Thank you all for your contributions to the forum.

I feel some of the relevance has been lost of late. With that in mind I want to offer a larger frame as to how and why this forum was set up in the first place, and outline the objectives of the forum and suggest some guidelines for the future to direct the discussion.

John and Carmen approached me late last year with a request for counsel to set up a web site to promote their book Whispering in the Wind and to create a forum. The objective of the forum is to discuss their work, discuss new models, applications and enable contributors to have an opportunity to interact directly with them.† They are genuinely passionate about encouraging interaction in the NLP community using electronic means. You will see from the forum they have been active in answering questions. Obviously they cannot answer all questions because they have a† hectic schedule and a life outside of their work. Lets acknowledge† their contribution in getting the forum set up, and their detailed responses here.

Carmen and John requested when setting this forum to make it as easy for people to post here as possible. Therefore we have no membership, no extensive log on, and people can contribute (and many do) using false e-mails and aliases, we have no means of banning people nor would we want to. John and Carmen like things to be as open as possible. By the fact of the openness, the posts are moving way of kilter.† Itís time to get back on track to more relevant issues than whether itís John and/or Carmen posting and so on. There is no need for them to justify their posts, what is relevant about their posts is the content.

This forum is at the stage where it is one of the busiest in the NLP field. Some of you might remember how busy and excellent the NLP forum on CompuServe was back in 1996. The† CompuServe forum became riddled with petty squabbles and irrelevant posts to the field of NLP. As a result the serious contributors left and the forum became a graveyard. I have seen this happen in other forums as well. Itís my objective to keep this forum alive and well and on topic. I also want to add more content to it the site as interest grows, such as audio/visual of Carmen and John in action.

Some of you might remember I outlined a series of topics here back in the forumís infancy. John, Carmen and I agreed these subjects as most relevant to their recommendations in Whispering and their objective of keeping extending the field of NLP. I have listed these topics below.

1. Modeling
2. Applications
3. New Code
4. Proposed Solutions to Puzzles and Recommendations
5. Origins and Definitions
6. Epistemology

Please keep your posts relevant to the above topics and include the relevant and topic in the subject title.

I also request that all posts respect the following guidelines.

1. If describing another trainers performance, use a description thatís sensory specific based on you having witnessed the trainer in action.
2. If describing a persons work, reference the work you describe
3. If you do not agree on post provide your evidence. Disagreement on ideas is often the key to learning breakthroughs, lets agree politely and refrain from insults.
4. Stay clear of hallucinations.

With the above in mind, now fully embrace the opportunity this forum presents us and take the discussion forward. .


Michael Carroll
Web Master† 

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