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Topic: Unconscious logic.
Posted by: Stephen Murrish
Date/Time: 19/03/2004 08:23:27

In Whispering and other sources, I have seen the example of unconscious logic illustrated thus:

Men are mortal.
Grass is mortal.
Men are grass.

By this am I to gather that the unconscious works through giving entities mutual indentities through shared qualities?

That is:

A has quality C.
B has quality C.
Therefore A and B are identical.

If this is so, is this also the "logic" of anchoring?  That is, is the equating of two different stimuli to "mean" a single response a similar "logic"?  Or is it something different?

Does symbolism work by this sort of logic?  That two disparate things equate through sharing a quality?

I hate to admit it, as it seems to be such a simple issue, but I find just what is meant by the statement that the first syllogism as a representative of unconscious logic to be confusing.

If anyone would care to illustrate a few more examples or give some more detailed explanations on the issue I would appreciate it greatly.

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