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Topic: Re:Re:Re:orwellianisms
Posted by: Stephen Murrish
Date/Time: 24/03/2004 06:03:04

Yes.  There are many qualities either alluded to or directly addressed in 1984 that have a bearing upon the activities here.

In so far as this is true about any literary work, however, we could bring any poem, novel, epic, or even rap song to bear upon the topic of Whispering ... which is supposedly what this forum is for discussing.

My question is, how useful is it?  Really?

In posting about 1984 you are merely going to irritate, at best, those who, presumably in the author's view, are guilty of the crime, or you are preaching to the choir.

This is a little of the pot calling the kettle black here, as I can see how my first post on this thread was just as useless and indulgent.

Two of many adjectives can be used to describe the scope of topics addressed on the forums.  Expansive is one, sprawling is another.

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