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Topic: Re:Re:The Potentials of Physiology
Posted by: Amilcar
Date/Time: 24/03/2004 15:44:33

I do appreciate the interest, Ryan.

Ryan, you wrote that in Feld training we see the split between intention from action, dealing with the form involves dealing with how one "organizes a particular movement".

Ryah, you wrote that these words: 'health... strength... flexibility... range of motion' "tell little about the underlyng processes of organizing movement." I agree. More fundamental than organizing movement, what these concepts [joint health, muscular coordination, flexibility and strength at the limits of a person's range of motion] refer to are the facts that enable a person to make movements.

How could we assess and develop a person's movement [reaching], and ability to make a class of movements [reaching from various positions], without making conceptual reference (both non-verbal and verbal) to "joint health, muscular coordination, flexibility and strength at the limits of a person's range of motion" etc?

So, could these concepts [joint health . . .] be the language of a meta-form, of a higher logical type? It does seem to me that a person's ability to make a movement governs whether he makes that movement at all, much less with any grace and elegance. These concepts do set the parameters and potentials within which any movement can be made (making allowances for gravity, momentum, friction, etc.)

And lastly Ryan, you said "i could work with", can i take that to mean that you're a teacher or coach of some art of movement?


ps: I do take a bit of issue with the way you chopped up my phrasing. I intended the phrases to stay intact rather than have an element abstracted from its reality: from "joint health" to 'health' as well as from "strength and flexibility at the limits of a person's range of motion' to 'strength...flexibility...range of motion' deletes much of the specificity both of my meaning and Monsieur Sonnon's meaning. What kind of health? what kind of strength and where? It just seemed to me that you selected the catchwords out of my phrasing to the detriment of their specificity. Maybe i'm hyperbolizing.

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