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Topic: Dear John, Russia needs you!!!
Posted by: Voronin Anton
Date/Time: 27/03/2004 12:17:52

Dear, John!

If you have a person who can translate from Russian, you have a perfect chance to receive here;=64625388034c9a2f51ee1966d1a5b40a

an interesting feedback to yours & Carmen training in Moscow.
This link – is a link to topic «The seminar of Grinder was extremely bad!», which was posted in most popular forum of Russian NLP community.
There are lot of opinions of  training participants. And more of  this opinions is negative.
This topic have a great popularity in Russian NLP forum not only for usual NLPsts but also for Russian NLP – trainers.
As for me, who wasn’t participant of that training, your point of view will be extremely important.
But I think that appearance of your comments here in your forum or there in Russian forum will be important not only for someone like me but for your image in all Russian NLP Community.

Sorry for my English.

With great respect,
Voronin Anton.

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