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Topic: Re:Strange training in Moscow
Posted by: nj
Date/Time: 27/03/2004 22:40:58

You wrote,

"Second, the behavour of Carmen was so unnatural, her voice so higher her center, her story so out of context... It was literally hard to look at her. The big impression of inconguence and not calibrtaing the group..."

Apparently, you were so incongruent as a student, you had a hard time looking at Ms. Bostic St. Clair.  Maybe you can stalk to find out what happened....

I envy you, Ivan.  You got to learn 4 important New Code exercises, which I have only read about.  You spent three days on the task, so you had greater opportunity to learn each exercise thoroughly, and you can now apply the New Code.  I wish I had your direct, first-person experience of Dr. Grinder and Ms. Bostic St. Clair's training.


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