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Topic: NLP Research
Posted by: Sarah
Date/Time: 11/05/2004 16:35:20

Dear John & Carmen,

From reading your book 'Whispering in the Wind', I got the sense from how you've written it, it was amongst other things to initiate NLP being taken seriously as a discipline and give it some sort of scientific grounding (throughout you make suggestions about scientific research with regard to some of the NLP models).

Personally I have a belief that NLP works as I've experienced long lasting results of work I've done with clients in a therapeutic setting.  There are also vast quantities of anecdotal evidence out there to suggest it works as well. However, it seems that scientific evidence seems somewhat lacking, and in your book you suggest that some of the work that has been carried out has used inappropriate techniques.  However, I think for NLP to be ever taken seriously in the Psychology/scientific community then good quality research really needs to be performed.  At the end of the day, isn't NLP  just a wing of the study of Psychology, called human excellence/maximising brain potential? (just my own view point :-) )  I would also like to see NLP as scientifically established if only to increase my own congruence with the subject.

I am passionate enough about this issue that I am considering doing a MSc or PhD to start researching this.
However, with NLP being such a large subject I not actually sure where to begin.  For example the first thing I was taught in NLP was the 'communication model' - where can I find out what research has already been conducted? Would this be a good place to start or do you have an opinion on what research would be most productive.

Do you know of any accredited academic institutes that would support NLP related research (anywhere in the world)?

In addition my first degree is in Biotechnology so I may need to do some additional qualifications before I can even take up a research position.  From my initial survey of scientific recognised subjects that come close to NLP are Cognitive Psychology/Neuroscience, would I be right in this conclusion?

Anyway I know I have asked lots of questions here but I would very much appreciate you opinion these.

Best regards,


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