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Topic: Applied NLP: Positive Intention?
Posted by: Stephen Michael Hawley
Date/Time: 18/05/2004 09:14:24

A person has an event that they do not accept. Call it a trauma memory. Whenever they think about it, they feel anxiety. Rather than feel the anxiety they create a behavior that distracts from the anxiety that is caused from not accepting the trauma memory.

Since ALL memories are accessed in the present, you attend to the here and now by accepting the memory as simply that. A memory. And nothing more. It is no more important or real than a shadow.

Instead of trading behaviors through reframing, why not simply cut the stress response and breath/Self-Comfort through the trauma memory until you can fully accept it without a blip on the radar? You can stalk the memory, etc. to get there.

Then the memory and any generalizations no longer trigger anxiety. Therefore no behavior is needed to distract one from the anxiety caused by not accepting the memory.

I am guessing that there are Modal Operators involved in this. Such as I MUST do something to get away from this memory... or the ideas that you have built from the memory.

Once you can look at any event, real or imagined from the past or as it is happening, I suspect that you will find habits that you do not want simply vanishing from lack of triggers.

Thoughts on this?

Now I recognize that there are a lot of assumptions on my part. I am simply looking for intelligent discourse here.

The positive intention might not be intention at all. It might be a person using this or that behavior to quell anxiety from not accepting a memory or the ideas that they have built from it.

Counter examples are most welcome as are thoughts supporting this.



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