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Topic: Re:Doing it differently
Posted by: Jules Colllingwood
Date/Time: 26/05/2004 14:32:09

Hi James,
With reference to:"Jules Collingwood rocked my world when she said (about modeling a la Whispering) that "it doesn't matter if you do it differently from (not "than") the way they do it".

Always delighted to rock your world ... the sequence goes:
1. Model implicitly ie first access for as long as it takes to become as competent as the model in the same time frame that they use. My preference is to be signed off by the model, since they know what we are doing.

2. Apply the skill in real time for an unspecified period until the skill is well embedded and familiar.

3. When the skill is thoroughly run in, then you can begin to create an explicit description of what you do. Now here's the subject of your quote. THE DESCRIPTION YOU ELICIT IS FROM YOURSELF, not from the model. This is where there may be differences, but you won't find out yet because you are not asking the model. You were signed off on your own performance, remember?

4. When you have an explicit model drawn from your own experience with the skill, if you want to, you can compare notes with the model and the way they do it may be different.

Will you have feline company when you lie down?


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