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Topic: Formats for documenting NLP patterns
Posted by: Jon Edwards
Date/Time: 20/09/2002 15:13:14

Hi John and Carmen,

On page 53 of WITW you said that you would like to create a "standard format whereby modelers can report their findings (patterning) in a manner that allows easy evaluation of their work".

As a computer-programmer I do a lot of work with the National Health Service in the UK. Recently I've been investigating systems to record and disseminate Clinical Guidelines (a way of capturing "best practice" procedures for diagnosing and treating different medical conditions), and workflow systems (where documents move between different states via triggers and transitions).

It struck me that there may be many similarities between the formats being developed to describe Clinical Guidelines and workflow, and your proposed formats for NLP.

For example, there are two emerging standards for recording Clinical Guidelines -

GEM: The Guideline Elements Model (see focuses mainly on the "metadata" about the guideline (Identity, Developer, Purpose, Intended Audience, Target Population, Method of Development, Testing, Review Plan, and Knowledge Components)

GLIF: Guideline Interchange Format (see focuses more on the content and the sequence/selection/iteration flow - a bit like flowcharts, or your TOTE diagram

As I've been reading WITW, part of me has been wondering "How could one represent the concepts as state-diagrams, guidelines, flowcharts, or similar".

For example, you might say "There are these states called 'Positions', of which there are 3 types. Positions have the following attributes/variables - Scope, Resources, Focus?, .... The states are differentiated by the values of the variables x, y and z, and transitions between the states are triggered by changing those variables. Here are the required/optional variables for each state, and some recommended techniques for making/triggering the transitions......" - and then create diagrams to help dissemination and understanding (Just a quick example, not meant to be accurate or complete)

I'm not sure how familiar you are with computer-programming, but I think there may be many ways of documenting and diagramming that would be useful to NLP. But I don't want to bore everyone to tears if it's inappropriate, so I'll leave it there for now!   :-)

If that sounds useful, I'd be happy to help in any way I can.

Cheers, Jon

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