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Posted by: e_lie
Date/Time: 17/06/2004 03:38:37

Hi dbr,

I'm not sure what your criteria are for "properly" learning "this skill" and it is a bit unlear to me what specific skill you are referring to.  I certainly respect your "wish to find a school that respects...process, research and training".  If by "this skill", you intend the skill of modeling ala NLP (as defined by JG/CBSC in WITW), then I am aware of no US school that offers training in this.  If by "this skill" you refer to competency with the New Code patterning, then the only US trainer and organization I am aware of that has John's endorsement is Jesiyn Murphy at SWINLP, located in Texas.  If you are interested in quality US training of classic NLP applications that "respect the process, research and training" in general, then again, I am not aware of any, given that NLP Comprehensive is no longer doing trainings.  I hear that Bandler and LaValle and the Reese's offer high quality training, though I have no direct experience to 'verify' this.  My training experience is with NLP Comprehensive and Anchor Point.  Much of my training with the latter involved learning content models, such as meta programs and the Neuro-Logical levels model, both of which JG defines as being outside the scope of what he considers to be NLP, so I can't exactly recommend them as being an organization that "respects process".  Of the NLP Comprehensive trainers, I feel that Steve Andreas, Charles Faulkner, and Tom Best offer high quality NLP training.  Have a look at Steve Andreas' article concerning choosing NLP training and read what JG/CBSC have to say about this in WITW.

Good luck,


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