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Topic: Re:Re:Topic: New Code (descriptions, interpretations, evaluations)
Posted by: nj
Date/Time: 17/07/2004 00:59:03

Hello, Dr. Grinder.

1.  You wrote,

"Insisting for myself (and in some situations for others offering me verbal communications) that I respect such distinctions is quite instructive and if you work out biasing your speech (and vice versa, how to reinforce certain patterning in the speech of the other person in the dialogue) and your objectives in the interaction, very effective - especially, shifting from one to the other and when to do so."

Thanks for that information. I am still thinking about the problems that your challenge presents to me.

You wrote,

"The simulation that you offer remind me of artificial intelligence interchanges or closer to home, constructed simulations of dialogue in which the meta model is relentlessly applied."

I'd like to know more about your logical types of components of a dialog for whichever components of a dialog you (and Ms. Bostic St. Clair) found important to iterated application of the meta-model in the dialog.


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