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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:New directions
Posted by: Jon Edwards
Date/Time: 28/09/2002 16:33:10

Hi Michael,

A couple more comments about Wikis, further to Tim's excellent description.

There are several "flavours" of Wiki software (just as there are different Word Processor packages), but in most that I've seen, people tend to add comments at the bottom of the page, rather than editing the original author's text - but this may be more of a "social convention" rather than a feature of the software.

Another useful feature is that Wikis make it very easy to create links between different pages/documents. So, if Tim has created his "RepresentationalSystemProperties" page, and I'm typing text in another page, but want to have a hyperlink to Tim's page, I just type the name RepresentationalSystemProperties, and when I save my text, the underlying software automtically creates the link to Tim's page. It's hard to appreciate the power of this until you play with it. But one common use is to create a set of Glossary pages (a Glossary of NLP terms, for example). If one of those Glossary pages is called SubModalities, whenever someone types SubModalities into another page, a link is automatically created.

BTW I'll be down in London towards the end of next week, if you fancy meeting up for a coffee and a little "real-time" brainstorming around this project? Feel free to email me offlist if that sounds useful.

Cheers, Jon

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