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Posted by: Robert
Date/Time: 29/09/2002 20:45:37

The patterns or more the work producing them should be awarded to those individuals who did the work.

If a pattern gets down into an explicit format with a lot of work involved i think tis fair that the person should get paid for his work.

Some of the patterns laid down by for example bandler are rewarded to him if you train others in NLP using the system and insigna regarding his work.
You pay him 200 dollars for each individual who recive a certificate which seems fair.

If you use the same patterns and the system and not call it NLP then no payment is needed since you wouldnt teach NLP per see.

Now, if I for example get some models down which both explain and also get people to be able to do new things which is based on someone else work, then?

Do I need to protect my ideas which i have produced?
Yes it seems so.

Mostly what will happen people will use the ideas and such and will largely not even credit the who credit due.
Now i have np when people use ideas and patterns or models since what they produce are soemthing better for other people.

If they however use them and produce profit which are laregly due to the patterns, models involved, then?

Internet and the spread of new things which are a blessing and can be a curse since new things spread faster.

I think at least when a lot of work been involved that the creator who whoever did the work should be compensated.

In what regards the compensation should be I dosnt know tho.

Creator and Designer.

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