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Posted by: Michael Carroll
Date/Time: 30/09/2002 09:17:20


Thanks for your reply

You wrote"My staff and I are working on rewriting NLP manuals and plan to include new developments in state diagrams if this method is approved. We've also toyed with the idea of having an interactive manual on DVD."

You got me curious…… Is a state diagram the sort of diagram you used  for the 6 step reframe, if so how did they get to be called state diagrams and what  rules have to be present for a diagram to be called a state diagram. Who has to approve your state diagrams?

I am also working on rewriting the NLP Academy Practitioner manual, hence my question to you. I am also working on a project where we will put the core parts of a Practitioner training on DVD or CD Rom - in full multi media, with video of the class and demonstrations.

All the best Jeisyn, I am also looking forward to learning more from Tim about wikis :)

Michael Carroll
NLP Academy

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